Utterly New and Unique

Utterly New and Unique

“Someone said there’s nothing new under the sun, but this proves them wrong.”
This is the opening line on artist Ken Delmar’s website. And from what I see, it’s definitely true. There are people you come across in your daily journeys who amaze you. Some in big ways and some in small ways. Either way, they are still amazing.

Ken is a paper towel artist. Yes, you heard me right, paper towel artist.

He is an amazing person to me. I hope you find him to be just that also…

Please listen to his story in this short video;

This is his website if you would like to check him out:

Now on to the MOST amazing little person I know….
My Ryan, My Angel, My True Story:


Thinker of Deep Things

Ryan asked while watching TV, “Mum, what does droppings mean?’
In the context of how the word was used, I said, “It’s the same as poop. It means poop in a nicer way.”
He looked at me, almost looking through me, probably deciding this was an extremely uninteresting answer, and asked, “So what does mean mean?”
Dumbfounded, I said, “Ummmmmmmmm…”, as he ran away from me.
Sometimes I thank God for his short attention 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Social Media

When Ryan turned two, he would hold up both of his pointer fingers and say, “Three thumbs up!”
Now at almost three, when he gets excited about something he yells, “Rock star!” I have no idea where this came from, or for that matter, where most of what he says comes from. He has quite the sense of humor and I foresee him being the “Class Clown”. Uh oh….

Social Media
Let me give you an overview of what I have found to be the most important piece of information I can give. No matter what avenue you decide on, forming an incredible author’s platform is the absolute most important. It’s soooooo important. It must be started NOW. What is an author’s platform? For each writer it needs to be suited to their own individual wants. For instance, you want to pick at least two social media sites. For me, I prefer Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. I also have chosen to start a blog. My blog automatically posts notifications to my Twitter and Facebook when published. This gets your name out there. It also will email anyone who signs up for my blogs email notifications on my home page. It’s all about making connections. The community I have chosen for my website is WordPress.com. It allows me to connect with other writers and authors and the ability for us to share each other’s blogs and links with each other’s friend lists. This in turn will create more contacts and followers in the writing community. And remember it’s not all about you! It’s really all about reciprocity. It’s important to follow others bloggers, Facebook and Twitter sites and share their links, posts and blogs. Scratching each other’s backs allows you to spread your writer’s wings. Researching and sharing from others bloggers sites not only helps both of you in this respect, but you can learn from each other too. And in this ever changing publishing world, that is extremely important. So not only do I have to write stories, illustrate, write blogs, work on Goodreads, comment and answer questions, but I also need to research constantly for blog content and share others information on the social media sites I have chosen. Remember not to bite off more than you can chew! Start small and work your way up. The worst thing you can do is pick a ton of avenues to work with and get so overwhelmed that you quit. With that comes to my next “work in progress”, setting a schedule. I have a day to day schedule set up, but I’m sure as I get rolling that will change. I need to stay flexible and find out what works for me. So set a schedule for your work and as you go along you will find the best way to approach it. But you have to just start!
Your author’s platform should be started ASAP. Do not wait until your book is ready for editing! The sooner you start, the more connections you will make. Then, when it’s time to publish, whether traditional route or indie, you have a following. This is key. To hear more on author’s platforms, please see Joanne’s podcasts and interviews. Some that I have found extremely helpful are:
Have a wonderful day everyone!


My Holiday Blog


Hello my friends and family!

I unfortunately have not written a blog in a while. I have been inundated with all the Christmas crafts that Ryan and I are making for presents this year together. 88 individual crafts to be exact! Am I a lunatic? Some say yes! But this week we have finished them and now I am just wrapping here and there for the next month or so and getting some ready to be shipped out to relatives I do not see at Christmas, sadly. But they are thought of often and our little gifts are just a little way to let them know this.
My intent and self-expectations were to write a blog a week. I’m going to keep my goal to give myself something to strive for, but with the holidays I may not be able to do this this month.
Along with our Christmas crafts, another reason for the lack of blogging is that RYAN HAS HIT THE SO-CALLED “TERRIBLE TWO’S”. I would like to go on the record and officially change the name to “THE HORRIFIC, DISTURBING, UNEXPLAINABLE TASMANIAN DEVIL PERIOD”. HOLY CRAP BATMAN….what happens to a child that within a 24 hour period they go from the loving child you have always known to a Tasmanian “super storm” devil, to last an unknown length of time? One who would surely devour their mother in one bite, if only they took the time to stop screaming long enough to serve her up on a silver platter. Well at least he would be eating something, as he seems to have gone on some sort of strike from anything that doesn’t start with the word chocolate. Is there some sort of toddler revolt that has taken place across the country that I have not heard about??? If that’s the case, maybe I should take away all his toy phones, as that must be their form of communication in this potential toddler revolution. Needless to say, I love that little guy through good times and bad. I enjoy every second with him of everyday. My Ryan, my angel (with devil horns of course).

Anywho, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their friends and families. Stay tuned!
Thanks all and Happy Holidays!