Happiness-What does it mean to you?



Happiness; noun  hap·pi·ness  \ˈha-pē-nəs\

  • :the state of being happy
  • :an experience that makes you happy

What does it mean to you?

When I write my stories, I have the ability to create a world that I want. I can control it in every aspect possible. I create my character’s happiness, sadness, loneliness etc. Writing in itself makes me truly happy. It makes me content, peaceful and completely HAPPY…what makes you happy?

All stories I create must have some sort of conflict or struggle. No different than life right? So just like my stories when I’m creating my characters, I have to create my own happiness also. No single person can do it for me. If we sit around waiting for it to tap us on the arm one day and say, “Hey! There you are! I’ve been looking for you foooorrrevver…”, it will never happen.

See the joy in small things. Yup, like that ole cliché Stop and Smell the Damn Roses. Well, yes, I’m saying; stop and smell your damn roses! NO I didn’t say your finger, I said your roses. We grow our own roses every second of our lives. But do we really feel them? Ponder that for a second….

Make these little roses in your life BIGGER than what they are. Bigger than the tragedies that deplete us. Grow them. Water them. Feed them. We linger on and make our struggles so much bigger than our happiness, so why not even the score a bit. I think we deserve it.

It’s a crazy unpredictable world that we know can throw some crap into our fans and  so much of it is completely out of our control. They hurt like Hell. I mean hurt like Hell. We consume ourselves with what we should have done or could have done or should do or could do. That’s what we do. I do too…

All we can do is try to live in the moment. Today. Now. Accept ourselves and our struggles but try in every way we can to not only create our experiences that make happiness but create it in others. Smile at a stranger or pay for someone’s coffee in line. These little things can make us all happier inside in spite of it all. There will always be a problem and situations we can’t change…bite it right back in the ass.

Let’s dwell a little on the things that could possibly make us smile…make the happy little things BIGGER than any of the sadness.  Because honestly, at the end of the day, it’s the little joys and the happiness you create for yourself that you have to hold on to…

Now, go create your happiness…


Writing Children’s books – Quick catch-up blog post


Hello all! Since my last post I have begun tightening up four books and doing  a ton of revisions to others. I also have a couple more stories started. In my 12×12 writing community I have learned that you should have several books ready to go when you start submitting to agents. Thanks to my peers on 12×12, their amazing editors/published authors (our writing elves) and featured authors tips and webinars, I’m well on my way to start submitting again. It’s an amazing community and I’m proud to be part of it. In addition to traditional publishing, I’d like to try the independent route by publishing an electronic book to Amazon/Kindle.

Although it can be quite overwhelming to find time to do 12×12, research, write, blog, work full time, have a personal life (almost nonexistent at times) and (most importantly) raise my son, I have found one thought that helps me put it into perspective;

If you are trying to find time, it will never happen. You have to create time. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, that’s still 30 minutes further in writing and learning then you were the day before.

So that’s the quick catch-up on me…I’ll be sharing what I learn about the writing industry as I go along and I hope you will join me for the ride and get some useful information from it. Plus I have some hilarious stories to share about Ryan and plan to still add short posts on the history behind some of our favorite stories from when we were kids, along with new stories my son and I read now…


Research ideas:

For anyone who writes in rhyme, I found an amazing editor/author who has a class available on this and I’d like to share her rhyme and meter webinar that is packed full of useful tips. They are correct when they say if you don’t know what your four major metric feet are, like iamb or trochee, or the names of the metrical lines, DON’T even think about sending it to an agent or publishing house. Here’s an example below. Bold syllables are the stressed syllables and the others are the unstressed syllables. Each metric foot contains stressed and unstressed beats. First you figure out your metric foot. The below example is trochee. Then figure out how many  metric feet are in the line of the stanza. In this case, there are four (tetrameter):

Tull-y was a ti-ny mon-ster. = 4  /u/u/u/u = trochaic tetrameter

With time and practice, it will all fall into place. Here’s Renee’s webinar that will get you started to understanding it all – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_efGfR9DvY

If you want to gain a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the art and industry of writing and publishing children’s books, please check out the link below. 12×12 is an amazing challenge that has honestly become priceless to me. Registration is closed for 2016 but you can sign up to be on the waiting list for 2017. I recommend it. http://12x12challenge.com/


Goodreads Review:

Lastly, my Goodreads review is on, I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. Check it out!

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