My Second Blog Post – Please Join Me….

EE “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein

Little Ry: “Mum, you’re a cutie pie.”
Me: “Awww thank you Ry! You’re a cutie pie too!”
Little Ry: “No I’m not mum, I’m a big boy!”

Thank you for joining me for my second blog! I made it through the first and found time to do another! It’s amazing!!!!
Little Ryan has started potty training this week more seriously. We had introduced it quite a while back but over the last few months he has become bored to the potty game to our dismay. He has the singing potty that shouts and claps when he pees and we have tried different prizes and all that. It just lost its sparkle and excitement once he figured he had mastered doing it a few times. I can’t blame him really. I do the same exact thing with the gym! I get on that treadmill and after I’m down a pound or two I’m pretty proud of myself and then it’s off to the pizza house again and on to something else. He would rather play trucks outside then be bothered with such things he has already accomplished. Well, yesterday he realized that there is more to it! We started with the coolest super hero character underwear and plastic pull overs and to our surprise he only had two accidents all day! Then he poopied in the potty before bed, with quite an amount of resistance. When I explained that he could look at his poop in to toilet after, he was all in for the show!!!!!!!! It worked. After, he did the ewwwweeeee and groooooooooss game in the toilet and we laughed and laughed (after a ton of high fives and kisses). Thank you to the gross things little boys like to do. Guess it could be worse………
For anyone who is interested in learning more about the publishing world, I have found a few blogs that are phenomenal. This is where I started in my research. The first one is Joanne Penn’s site, . She is a thriller writer, which is not my genre, but the amount of information from her blogs is unreal and spreads across all genres whether going traditional publishing with a publisher or going the indie (Independent publishing/self-publishing) route. This blog was voted top 10 blogs for writers three years running, and top ten blogs for self-publishing 2012. I also have her link on my side bar which is always available. If you’re too busy, instead of reading the blogs, you can listen while at work or at the gym or in your car on your phone. Just go to her podcast page to listen to all her interviews with amazing people in the publishing community. The amount of knowledge I have attained from her is priceless. She has taken the indie route but she also gives incredible feedback on traditional publishing also. She explains the process and how she did it. I have been in touch with her and she is a cool lady. Due to her and a few others, I have decided to take the indie route myself and I will let you know why. I was, and have, sent out my manuscript to over a hundred publishers. I have received tons of rejections obviously as this is a very difficult avenue. Then miraculously I received an acceptance letter from a publisher that will remain nameless. They work off royalties as all traditional publishing houses do and they were very nice to work with but I have decided that this is not for me. I was not quite happy with the illustrator they had me set up with even though she really was an amazing artist. I just had a different vision in mind. I found through other indie publishers that self-publishing is much more time intensive but the overall rewards are far more what I’m looking for. With traditional publishing you are looking at the good ole brick and mortar stores. The way I will approach publishing is through online sales with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Over the last few years, indie publishing is gaining more respect and authenticity. I think right now is the perfect time to get involved. I will be sharing with you the avenues available and how I’m getting along with my indie publishing. I will share ALL my mistakes too and I hope it is helpful to anyone else interested in a similar endeavor.
The second site I’d like to mention that I have been working off of is a children’s writer who self-publishes and also uses traditional publishers. Katie Davis, . She is hilarious and her books are wonderful. She has published 10 books and appears on the ABC affiliate show, Good Morning Connecticut, recommending great books for kids. She also gives incredible info and you can read or listen to her interviews with some big league people and writers.
Check these two sites out as soon as you can. If you want to understand the industry, here you go. It will start you in the right direction.
Remember, whether you write one sentence a day or three pages, you have to sit down and just do it. It’s not quantity, its quality. One word at a time…
Please check out my book reviews under Goodreads. This is a fantastic site to join if you love books! You create your own page and you can review and read others reviews. Connect with others and share books you love! This week I have reviewed a boardbook called “Potty” by Leslie Patricelli.
Love to all with much muchiness…..


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