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Moon green

Thank you for joining me for my first blog. I’m excited! Also a little nervous. When you write for all eyes to see, you are opening yourself up and exposing your deepest thoughts and feelings, which can be a little scary at first but I’m ready to take this leap! I hope that it brings new contacts into my life and maybe a few laughs to my friends and family. We shall see!

I have recently finished a children’s story in honor of my son, Ryan. This was unknown to me at that time considering I started it three years before I gave birth to him. But ultimately, I have found that it was always for him, always about him, even before he came to this world. My book is called “RJ’s Moon”. It’s a rhyming story about a little boy who steals the moon for his mom for her birthday. The characters will be animals, as all my stories are. Five years later, give or take, it is ready for content editing, but back to that later…

Nothing, and I mean nothing, in life that’s remotely worth doing comes without struggle and sacrifice. With that brings a sense of accomplishment. In starting my writing and illustrating journey, I can see that my biggest sacrifice will definitely be sleep! Having little Ry doesn’t leave too much time to write stories. With that being said, the time I have with my son is priceless and comes first and foremost. He brings a bright light to my life that nothing else in the world could EVER bring. My angel, that he is. He is a gentle soul. Some days a very, very LOUD soul, but gentle (even when he is breaking something). He inspires me on a daily basis in all sorts of little ways. From his giggles, to his more frequent two year old fits. But it’s all inspiring, to say the least. So after bedtime I will try to use my time wisely to accomplish my goals with writing. It will be quite a challenge but I look forward to it. Success to me is making small steady steps that eventually lead to the ultimate goal in the distance. No rush.

My intentions and overall objective for this blog is to begin an author’s platform. Not to only document my journey, but to share what I’m learning with others who also have a passionate dream of publishing a book. I’m also hoping to meet other bloggers in the WordPress blogging community with the same ambitions and develop relationships with them.

Over the past few years I have studied and researched the publishing world and all it entails. I’ve spoken to other authors and can honestly say that I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts on writing and the publishing industry. I will share these with you as I go along and I hope that you find them as useful as I have. Some of the contacts are really quite amazing. I enjoy helping others and I will strive to make sure this blog does just that. With Ryan being the biggest part of my life, I will share a funny stories about him also. My goal is to have one blog published monthly. I will also be reviewing children’s books that Ryan and I read each  and share them on “Goodreads” for you. This will be accessible on my side bar.

Writing has always been a passion for me. As a child, I wrote and drew cartoon characters constantly. I was always making little books in my spare time. I think sometimes we don’t see or realize how important our childhood passions were. I believe that whether or not we continue with them, they are ALWAYS a part of us. The child inside all of us never truly leaves, and when you find it again, it’s amazing. I found it again when I had my son. I see things differently, or should I say I see things as I used to, with wider eyes. It’s the little things in life that we have become numb to over time that I have found again. Like the magical way snow falls from the sky when you stare straight up on a quiet snowy day. Or the time Ry was looking up at the moon, when it was still out during the day, and he said in wonder, “Mum, the moon is stuck!” Looking at life through a child’s eyes makes you begin to appreciate the little things in life that you have forgotten.

I had the idea for RJ’s moon long before Ryan was born. But I never could get it right. Something was missing. Now that I’ve seen life again through my son’s eyes, I have been able to finish it. He has been mesmerized by the moon since he could first express it with his eyes only. I never knew years ago when I was sitting and struggling to write this book that one day I’d be snuggling and holding the story right in my arms. Thank you Ryan…
When I post a new blog, it will automatically notify my current friends on Facebook and Twitter by posting a notification to my page. If you do not have either of those, please feel free to sign up to my email notification on my side bar and it will email you each time I post a new blog. I also have the RSS Feeder sign up on my page as well. For anyone who does not know what this is I will explain. You can go to any RSS Reader site and depending on the site you choose, you can create an account that will give you the ability to have any website of your choice notify you when there is a new blog or article posted. I hear “Feedly” is the next best thing to Google Reader, which has just shut down. This way you can go to one general spot to read all the things from different sites you are interested in without having to go to each website constantly to see if they have added something new. It’s great. Also, please feel free to send me questions and comments. I would soooo appreciate them and would love to help if anyone has questions regarding future posts.
Thanks again, peace and love.


25 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. Great job, Christina… I really enjoyed reading this 🙂 The “stuck” moon is something I still marvel at myself.

  2. I LOVE this! I have been lucky enough to catch a preview of RJ’s Moon and folks, please hear me when I say this book is going to go places. It’s such a wonderful story, the timing of the rhymes, the layout of the story, it is really good. You won’t regret signing up to get updates from this author. Trust me!

  3. Loved reading your blog and I can’t wait to get my signed copy of the RJ’s Moon! 😉 Looking forward to reading all other ones that will follow.

  4. Many blessed results in your writing Hon, I enjoyed the blog and will definitely will follow you and Ryan through this. Good Luck, Love you.

  5. Christina, I wish you much success in your writing journey!! I really enjoyed reading about your joy in motherhood and in writing. It’s inspiring to see a mom with a toddler carve out some time to devote to her own passions. I’m sure you’ll be a huge inspiration to Ryan for that. I got a little choked up when I read the part about becoming a little more “wide eyed” after becoming a mother. I feel that all the time, seeing the world through Violet’s eyes. Thanks for sharing this, and I’m looking forward to reading more and eventually the book!!

  6. Christina this is wonderful! I am so happy you are doing what you love. When I see you with Ryan, I remember the times when my son was younger. I wish you nothing but the best in all you do, and will definitely follow. Let me know when the book is ready! Love to you and Ryan!

  7. Fantastic. You just continue to be amazing. Love your strength, your heart and your soul. Keep on keeping on sista!
    Love you

  8. Welcome! That’s great about your Children’s story! I also want to illustrate books one day! 🙂 I found that there are lot of friendly and creative people on this site! Best of luck with your stories and illustrations!

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